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Friends In My Darkroom #10

25 years ago I lost my lover and 9 years ago I refound him. 2 years ago I got a darkroom and now I move it to another smaller planet. 7236576235 years ago there were mammoths, now there are less bees. I don’t like Bob Dylan but he sang right: The Times they are a-changin‘ …


Hello New Darkroom!

Well … I moved my darkroom into my bathroom again like it was 2 years ago. Now tidier. It feels good. My first Kodachrome (developed in Rodinal) is hanging to dry and I think I’ll have a glass of red wine and celebrate!


Bye Bye Darkroom Atelier

2 years! 2 years of silence and happiness and crazy workshops and concentrated work and meeting people sometimes and growing flowers and chilis on the terrace and films films films. And photos. And pinhole photos.

Now my darkroom moves into my bathroom. Much smaller. But still full of inspiration!


The Other Half

Women‘s Day. We‘re going to get the other half. And a little bit more. For all the brutal shit.


Blooming Bus

Some of the Berlin busses wear flowers now!