Thousand Miles Through California

One week on the road, together with my friends Lisa and Paolo from Echo Park Film Center Los Angeles, sponsored by lovely and generous Goethe-Institut, because it’s „wunderbar together“ year, deutsch-amerikanische Freundschaft! Kennt noch jemand DAF by the way???

Starting in LA, ending in Willits, where my 8 weeks residency at The North Street Collective begins …..

Passing through cities, villages and hamlets, over passes and bridges and wild rivers, giving workshops and showing films, driving through deserts and sierras and yummy smelling pine woods and more North: redwoods with our truck & trailer. So huge, so beautiful, so vast, so divers …. and the knowledge that only roughly 170 years ago it belonged to other people … until the ever greedy and killingly spreading Europeans came and stole it is always present. How can one NOT think of it?

Yuba, Manzanar, Lone Pine, Carson City (driving on 9, lalalalala, hello Breeders!), hot days, cold nights, bear-tight boxes, ugly and empty Casinos, cowboy sage, welcoming people, Mo, Colleen and Adele, Larry Spring Museum, Earl, Chickenleather, Thea, Deb, Deb! Les & Meredith, the white haired Lady with no name and a dog called Wally, Melody, the 10 hours talking man …..

Thank you.

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