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unterwegs in Sachen Film >>> <<< on the road making films!


Oakland Day #1

Oops! Suddenly I am on another planet. Car dominated too, but louder. Different colours, many colours, warmer wind, more palm trees. Gentrification buzzing in real time. A Russian truck with yummy Russian Food: Pelmeny! Beer breweries everywhere. One millimeter, sorry: inch! away: many many homeless tents. A little Kreuzberg feeling coming up. No, much tougher, I guess. Do I like it here? Yes!




When It Gets Dark In Willits

Strolling through the streets … this is my favourite front garden.


Random Rungirl

… in our exhibition / artist in residency at North Street Collective, Willits, California.
I love this photo, it’s so full of wild energy! The cool boots she‘s wearing …


6 New Films Made In California


I see the Tree and the Tree sees me

Salt eats Film

They have Swans now in Echo Park Lake

Finding the Haiku in Ukiah

CC Rider 65


A Green Girl With 3 Flipflop Feet

Next week I’ll be in Oakland … look what I found strolling around on Google Maps! A space time shift! A green girl with 3 flipflop feet!


Fav Bagel

I read so many news today and they really make me feel sick but what is feeling sick when others die, one after the other in an ocean of coldness and without a horizon in sight and get killed by very empty and ill young losers – what can I do? What does it mean if I smell the fart of toxic masculinity which is so harmful not only for women and the whole society but also for men themselves.

So I post a lovely bagel topped with smoke salmon cream cheese and salsa (medium hot), and my shabby golden shoes which have seen better days but I love to keep on walking in them.


The Crazy Welterklärerin

… means „the crazy world explainer“ … explainerina … explainerette …

It is my youtube channel! Follow me! I tell you all my secrets about analog film developing in eco drinks and more! Here: www.youtube.com/channel/UC2HCES7eg5hBfijVmWNaw4w … I need some more subscribers: from 100 I can put the name of my choice in the url!


Willits‘ Sign In A Pinhole Camera

Wow, I think I love this one! Taped my little can camera on a tripod, guessed the angle and exposed the negative inside 30 seconds long. Developed it in Caffenol and this is the result! I love it!


Pinhole Power Pole

I don’t know why but for some reason I am fascinated by these electro poles or posts or however they are called … maybe for me as a European they look so retro?

Anyway, of course I must portray them. Set up my tripod and my Illy pinhole camera, hole pointing pole upwards, never really knowing what comes out, perspective for sure unordinary, risk of sunlight beams falling into the camera, they would darken the negative but who cares, I’m the devotee of adventures and accidents!

Right on the bottom: first of three, positive paper from a negative, both developed in coffee.


Misty Fort Bragg

I like you nevertheless.