Yksi Kaksi Kolme

Sometimes films just fall from heaven. I was ready, trees were sugared, friend was happy to help with camera, the dung heap – all odor and vapor. I count to three, yksi kaksi kolme in Finnish, so beautiful words, resembling to nothing else!
And the film came.
Double, triple exposed, two Dagies, three Dagies and my ever questioning how the hell does the universe ticktocktackle??

Here’s the film (German)

Here’s the film (English)

31 Years

Old negatives, part #2. My grandparents’ house. Long distant memories of a smell, a beloved garden, my granny in the kitchen peeling potatoes and smiling with her always rosy cheeks, so small, so fragile, so strong, so friendly.

30 Years

I am diving in hundreds of old negatives … finding some gems here and there … these are my young film friends at the Open Air Film Festival Weiterstadt. Legendary. Those days when everybody was smoking all the time and we drank beer like water. And I was sneaking around all the time with my Canon AE1 Program. Love it!