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unterwegs in Sachen Film >>> <<< on the road making films!


Share Some Sugar

Have strawberry jam, share with hungry wasps!

Here’s what you need to know about the little striped stingers!!! >>> www.nhm.ac.uk/discover/what-do-wasps-do.html


Sea Stickers In The M44

If you can’t go to the sea the sea will come to you! Or something like that, some kid thought to her/himself sticking sea stickers on the bus Festhaltestange, now what’s that word in english? Handrail? Holding rod?
Anyway – I smelled the salty ocean for a second!


Sudden Summer Rain

Sitting in my favourite Café (Goldmarie) with my favourite brother (Bernd) suddenly all heavens opened their gates (not Bill) and poured all available summer rain on us. I love it!!! (We were sitting under a Sonnenschirm, a sun umbrella).


Cornfield Pinhole Photo

Hello beautiful juicy cornfield! I love you, I take a pinhole photo, don’t move, 3 seconds exposure time only. Thank you.


Shiny Little Visitor

Rosenkäfer! Flower chafer! (Cetoniinae)



Basil juice on aquarell paper, photo transparent on it, 10 days in the sun, and voilà: a face!


All My Colours

I am a happy painter at the moment – I have pretty much time and space to test different plant colours (which will eventually be an emulsion on a piece of cardbord or fabric to make an anthotype!).

A bright pink comes from beetroot. Mix some fresh turmeric (curcuma) in it and you obtain a warmer red tone.
Same with red cabbage: you receive a bright blue. Turmeric in: green!
Turmeric pure is a bright, almost neon yellow!

I love it! 😍