The Old Weighhouse

They have a mysterious house number 14 in this village that consists only of one street in a circle, starting with number 1 (I live at 31) and ending with … not much more.
I found out it’s a weigh house! For everybody! You drive your tractor on the weighing platform outside and then you operate skillfully the scales inside.

(the b&w photo top right is a pinhole photo)

Riding The Odeg Und Ein Satz Heisse Ohren

The Odeg is the East German Train Company (Ost-Deutsche Eisenbahn GmbH) which brought me back to the countryside today (I was 2 days busy bee in Berlin).

I stared at a sign at the door and I began to see things … sorry, only makes sense in German … yeah but no but yeah but no I could explain:

Please ring here for:

1 = nothing
2 = filter coffee
3 = a set of hot ears (slang for: I hit your ears and they get hot)
3 = a 3-voice song

Anthotypes Fun


Squeezing juice from leaves and blossoms, green, purple, pink, red, blue, brushing it on papers and the colors change to brown, other blues and greens, violet, beige … I love it! I am experimenting all days long.

And then: placing things or negative or positive film pieces on the colored papers, cover them with glass and lay them in the sun. For several days or even weeks. The summer sun bleaches the juice emulsion, but only the not covered parts of course! So under the whatever … objects, black film parts the juice colour remains and … let’s see, this is the first time I’m doing it.

I will certainly post the results in three, four weeks!!!

My self organized Artist-in-Residency

Two of my best friends live outside of Berlin on the countryside and they invited me to stay in their … well it’s not a barn, it used to be a Werkstatt, a workshop, it is an old beautiful little brick building, and now it is my studio! 3 weeks!!

With the help of my brother Bernd and Gesine we tinkered me a nice darkroom.
I dive now deep into plants. I take my submarine and float through colors, juices, twigs, ideas and I produce pictures. Pinhole pictures. Anthotypes (antho = blossom), mixed anthotypes with phytograms (phyto = plant). The older I get the freeer I feel. Freeer? My autocorrect suggested freezer, but no, not for me.

And by the way, I feel the hell of a hot and frozen sorry for the US. For my dear friends there. See in real time how a „normal“ state is being transformed into a horror version of a … what? Police state? Moron dictatorship? Why doesn’t anyone succeed to xxx this orange amoeba?