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unterwegs in Sachen Film >>> <<< on the road making films!



Just a little sweet something on my summer balcony.


Next Project: Anthotypes

I am going to live 3 weeks on the countryside at friends’ from next week! Roji Japanese Gardens! Not too far away from my Berlin so that I can come home for a day if I forgot anything … yeah but 3 weeks next to garden, fields, vegetables, meadows … eating and working with them. Self organized artist-in-residency!!

Anthotypes is my next thing. Making photo-sensitive emulsions from plant extracts.
And also a lot of pinhole photos … and of course: super 8 films galore! It’s June! “Ode to June # 8” is coming!!!!


Cold Summer Sunday

What can you do when it’s freaking cold and wet outside? Go into the darkroom and make some beautiful pictures!
I had collected some White Lamium (deadnettle / Taubnessel) plants and cooked them to a developer. Now is the time to make some direct positives from my pinhole negatives!


The Rapeseed Field

… another pinhole picture!
10 seconds exposure, afternoon light.
The whole and then a close-up underneath.
I love the blossoms… some still, some swaying in the wind.


Field of Depth

I am amazed. By the field of depth and the depth of field my simple Illy pinhole camera has. Gives. Provides. Look at this picture! Dandelions, Pusteblumen, the one in front blurred because it was windy, the other ones nice in focus. From close to far.
Summer coming!


Comic Cover Coloring

I have so much time at the moment and I’m diving in my pictures and films and ideas and inspirations … one idea is: opening an online shop! Selling what? Original photos, film still prints, a pinhole photo book, a comic book … checking out: can I colorize a cover? Simply with water colors? Yes, I can. Watch me!!! Click here!!!



Sometimes little miracles happen!
I was editing this fresh new film of mine called „Mjuk“ (Swedish for „soft“) and then I though: music! And then I remembered that I had two years ago a little glimpse of a contact to a Vietnamese musician called Nhung Nguyen aka Soundawakener said she likes my films and then I discovered that I liked her music … so I just asked her.
And here it is, the perfect sound to my images, water and moss, waves and clouds, watch it here on Vimeo!