Pinhole Photo Book

I am back in Berlin!
I have scanned all photos, developed all super 8 films (they are about to be digitized right now) … and now I am layouting a photo book. Pure pleasure for me, I LOVE to play with text & images!
How will I print it? Sell it? Bind it? Discovered japanese binding techniques, will try to learn it – so each book will be handmade with an original (baryte) photo as cover … that’s the plan.

More Pinhole Pics

My last week at Brunåkra … thanks to Corona I will not be able to take, as planned, the train back home via Denmark, but there is a ferry that goes from Trelleborg (South Sweden, not so far away from here) to Rostock, and then I can take the train back to Berlin. Saturday.
I am taking the last pinhole photos, look:

Twin Trees

There is a kind of small alley that leads up from the street to, my residency until end of April here in Skåne, South Sweden. The entrance is marked by two majestic big old trees (now still unleafed), they fascinate me, they are twins … sisters … pals … lovers … and they look just wonderful negative as well as positive!!!