Live Film Developing Performance Outside!

We set up a table and a laptop to stream the whole performance on Google-Meet, being in contact with 26 people all over … Sweden, I guess, and some visitors from farther away!

I developed a b&w super 8 film as usual in something weird, this time: sugarbeet tea!
It was fun to do it live, explain what I was doing and why it worked and communicating with the other world!!! HERE is a little 4 minute snippet on vimeo!!!

Sea Bench

I found my favourite bench. At the sea, surrounded by flowers that are just about to open their little buds. Almost no people around … maybe it’s mostly summer houses here, not yet opened for the season.
Anyway: I’ll be back. It’s calling for a sea film.

Sugarbeet Soup

I am surrounded by sugarbeet fields, so it is pretty obvious that I steal some and make a developer!
I chopped them (more leaves than roots this time of year of course) and boiled them for some time, then let the soup cool down to 32°, took the leaves and stuff out, added vitamin c and washing soda and developed a super 8 test stripe!
The result? Great! Good contrasts!
The smell? Like horseradish / Meerrettich. Yum!


I have it quite good here in my artist‘s exile … starting to draw fish, eating healthy food, watching sprouts grow, watching the sky (and now the stars and the illuminated church across the field). Did you know that Makrele – Mackerel – Makrill in Latin is Scomber Scombrus? 🙂


Sugar beet pinhole picture!
What a stormy, cold and rainy day today! Don’t really feel like going outside … so I stay home, draw some fish (an idea for a super 8 film) and step only 10 m outside to set up my pinhole camera and take a picture (30 seconds exposure time) of … sugar beets. I don’t have a scanner here but my window is just ok. Yay, I love it! Some leaves are blurred … they shivered more than the others!

Sugarbeet, Fish And Moss

Today I went to the sea again – heavy icecold wind from the South blew into my face – making me strong that’s what I thought, making me long for softer spring breezes even more, please, spring, come! Yes, she answered, I’m on my way, don’t you see the little sprouties everywhere?

One tough guy went straight into the water, a fisherman. I learned new Swedish fish words today: Havsöring, ål, spätta, torsk, makrill. Sad that you should better not eat them since they are full of dioxin and PCB. Overfished anyway.

My little house is surrounded by sugarbeet fields! Also I found a lot of bright coloured moss on the ground and on rocks. I think they will be my next film developer …

The Max Cam

I tinkered me a new camera! Made from a yummy ginger peppermint can called Max:

Filled it with a piece of very old ORWO negative paper, stuck it to my balcony door and exposed it about 40 minutes.
Developed the paper in Caffenol (hence the brownish tone) and inverted it digitally! Yeah, I love my Max Cam!!