My self organized Artist-in-Residency

Two of my best friends live outside of Berlin on the countryside and they invited me to stay in their … well it’s not a barn, it used to be a Werkstatt, a workshop, it is an old beautiful little brick building, and now it is my studio! 3 weeks!!

With the help of my brother Bernd and Gesine we tinkered me a nice darkroom.
I dive now deep into plants. I take my submarine and float through colors, juices, twigs, ideas and I produce pictures. Pinhole pictures. Anthotypes (antho = blossom), mixed anthotypes with phytograms (phyto = plant). The older I get the freeer I feel. Freeer? My autocorrect suggested freezer, but no, not for me.

And by the way, I feel the hell of a hot and frozen sorry for the US. For my dear friends there. See in real time how a „normal“ state is being transformed into a horror version of a … what? Police state? Moron dictatorship? Why doesn’t anyone succeed to xxx this orange amoeba?