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The Goldmarie Sunflower Field

This summer the Goldmarie (favourite bar / café of mine) and neighbours have sown a wildflower lawn! All summer long it was buzzing with bees and butterflies, blooming in all colours. Now it’s sunflower time.
I took a pinhole photo with my 3 favourite supersmall cameras. One turned out ok!

(Fuji, 200 ASA, exposure time 1/2 second, developed in C41)


Anthotypes On Giebichstein

What is a Giebichstein??
It’s an art school in Halle at river Saale in middle-east Germany.
I was invited there to give a short anthotypes workshop! Big room, not too many students not too close, all careful and … once I spread my enthusiasm: infected!!! By my enthusiasm ;-), by love for colours, for nature, veggie, flowers, experiments, squeezing vegetables, painting wildly … it was pure fun and inspiration!!


Funny Lamps In Friesennerz

One sleeping, one drunk. Both in Friesennerz!! Ostfriesen mink! Classical yellow raincoat! Oilskin jacket!


Street House Tree

Walking through my Berlin streets looking up into the sky I see this!

(Pinhole photo taken with my Illy coffee cam and a piece of film (FOMA negative, 100 ASA) inside, exposure about 2 seconds)


Anthotypes Ripening

My last anthos enjoy their sunbath. Mid September – hot!!!


Good Bye For This Season, Dear Prinzenbad!

See you again next summer …

(I put my Illy pinhole camera at the pool and took a photo – not yet scanned, come back later!!) …

And here comes a little film:


Private Little Pinhole Workshop

I gave a one day pinhole workshop for 2 friends in my own working space! Thinking about to offer it as a special event: small group, my private space including small darkroom, medium expensive 😉
It was fun! We tinkered 4 cool can cameras: 2 Illy coffee, one large and one flat cookie box!!


I’m On Patreon Now!

Hallihalllo Freund-innen, Fans, Verwandte und Eklatante, Film+FotoFreaks und Neugierige!!!
Ich bin jetzt auf www.patreon.com Das ist sowas wie ein Crowdfunding, nur regelmäßig! Schaut mal rein! Hier ist meine Seite: https://www.patreon.com/dagiebrundert

Ich will euch jetzt gar nicht anbetteln, nur neugierig machen, zum Weiterverteilen einladen, ich hab mich nämlich (sowieso!) entschlossen, noch mehr Energie, eigentlich alles, in meine Bilder zu schmeißen. Ich will die in die Welt schleudern. Und letztendlich davon leben. Irgendwie. Und ihr müsst das wissen.

Liebe für euch alle und bleibt gesund!

Hellobello friends, fans, relatives and superlatives, film + photo freaks and the curious ones!!!
I’m on www.patreon.com now. It’s like crowdfunding, only regularly! Check it out! This is my page: https://www.patreon.com/dagiebrundert

I don’t want to beg you now, just arouse your curiosity, invite you to multiply, pass it on, because I (yes!) decided to throw even more energy, actually everything, into my pictures. I want to catapult them out into the world. And ultimately make a living from it. Somehow. And I just want you to know.

Love to you all and stay healthy!


Beautiful Pinhole Photo Mistakes


Nom Nom Jam

Somehow I like these little nervous creatures!