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unterwegs in Sachen Film >>> <<< on the road making films!


My Street

Another Illy camera pinhole photo … my street, autumn mood.


Hello Autumn!

Colored leaves inside and outside


Dalai 13

I think about it again and again … why the Dalai Lama actually never reincarnated as a girl! Never before!
Reincarnated 13 times, always as a boy.
But that will change too!
Thinking about a film … about words and coincidences and double exposures!


Max Is Cool

Isn’t it amazing what a small flat simple peppermint tin box can create?
I just put a piece of paper in, stuck the box to my tripod, placed it in front of my window and opened the lid (the one on the little hole) to expose it about 20 minutes to the dim afternoon sunlight that fell in.
Then later developed it in coffee, scanned and inverted it … et voilà!!


Where The Magic Happens

Come into my darkroom!!! This is where the magic happens … where I stir yummy soups and make pictures come true!!

This is a pinhole photo made with my good old Illy coffee camera, see below!!! Exposure time: 30 minutes!!


Banana, Beer, Cigarette, Noodle

… that’s all you need and all you get today!

{Kreuzberg, Schönleinstraße}


A Spoonful Of Help

Hey, this is for all analog eco film and photo developers who love caffenol!
If you ever lose your scales, there is help on it’s way, a little unprecise though but quite useful!
You just need two different sized spoons: Teelöffel und Esslöffel / tea spoon and table spoon. Forget about dessert spoon or serving spoon, no need for these. You don’t have them anyway.
And if in the end you have 23 instead of 27 or 11 instead of 8 grams? It doesn’t matter that much: caffenol is forgiving!


Playing With Anthotypes

I’m harvesting the latest anthotypes. The sun is getting weaker and steeper day by day, the antho season will soon be over.
One is a photogram: I placed Ritterporn / Delphinium (what a beautiful name!!) leaves on a spinach juice brushed paper.
The other one is a photo negative on red cabbage. Red cabbage makes a blue colour. It changed weirdly while bleaching over several weeks …
Just for fun I inverted them (photoshoply) to see how the opposite colour would be … and a mighty Wow! escaped my grinning mouth! 😀


Photo Shnipsel

What is a Schnipsel? Something abgeschnipselt … some cut off, some snip snap snup snippet!

I do the Schnipsel when I cut photo paper to the size I need and then the snippet remains. Lingers there … and drops of developer, of caffenol, of fixer, of eco soup drip drop on it. Make patterns and pictures. I could use them as analog bookmarks!
Wanna have one?