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Dance Around The June Fire

My favourite month is almost over!
Time for a little fire dance!

(click on the image!!)


Kleeol / Cloverol

I’m in my June film bubble … filming every day a little piece of my life … this is June 20: developing a photo in clover juice / Kleesaft!!
Click on the photo to watch the film snippet!!


Ode To June Time Again

You know that I am an Ode-to-June film maker? Every June I have to capture June, my ultimately favorite month, in picture and sound.
Diary film, Berlin portrait, life excerpt, colorful poem, something like that …
There are now 8 odes, all between 16 and 32 minutes long. And there will be more each year as long as there is Super 8. And me.

There’s also a website for all my June films! Click here!!!!


Three People Being Afraid Of A Cat Skeleton

Back in Berlin!
My films are already digitized and I’m eagerly browsing them. I found a weird still: is it … three people being afraid of a cat skeleton?