“Kiss The Moment, It‘s Not A Pyramid”

… is the title of my pinhole photo installation.

It is a give-it-back-where-I-took-it-from:

I am hanging my pinhole photos (baryte cardbord, each one developed in an appropriate developing soup like Magnolia Juice, Coffee, Kompost Tea, Gurkol aka Cucumber Pickle Water) carefully to where they came from: on a tree, on a special place somewhere at Konstepidemin area!
Of course they can get stolen or destroyed the very next day, they will wither and rain away with time and weather, but that’s part of the game: baryte paper with robust grommets and cords can stay hanging for months! Or disappear within days. It doesn’t scare or bother me: it’s just like life, things come and leave, nothing lasts forever, kiss the moment, it’s not a pyramid!

Biking And Analogy

No rain yesterday, so I took my chance for a little bike ride all down Linnégatan and along the harbour down that beautiful big bridge to Röda Sten and then up the hill across Slottskogen back home.
I took my camera and my Solstickan matchboxes for animation with me, was sitting on a bench in the park, thinking about running girls … and then I saw this statue: a running girl / woman with roots under her feet! Somehow it matched my thoughts and my film … so I filmed her too. Analogy. The story will come.

The artist of the rootgirl is Klara Kristalova!

Fresh Photos

Baryte photos need to dry over night between towels.

Good morning! These are my results from yesterday’s darkroom session, I developed some in Caffenol, some in Blätterol – tree leaves tea! Some are too dark, some are wischiwaschi, must try more. It’s not so easy with the right light exposure time but I’m already in love with my improvised toilet darkroom!!!


First Super 8 Stills

I just couldn’t wait … I have already developed 4 TriX super 8 films here in different potions like Kompostol, Gurkol, Caffenol, Beetrootol … and since I don’t have the possibility to digitize my films here (I will do that when I’m back in Berlin) I chased them through Maria’s lovely Eumig projector and filmed some snippets with my phone. Inverted them in iMovie.
Here come some stills!!!! Blue tone because of slightly brownish tint of the film plus the warm projector light = inverted colour = blueish.

Konst Och Kompost

Workshop i miljövänlig filmframkallning!!!

It was just a 2 hours workshop for 3 people – thanks for being part of it, Ina-Marie, Matilda and Ben-Hui Grace!

It was fun … though very cold and wet, the rain just wouldn’t stop all day long …
But anyway … we filmed a little and then we developed the stripe in Kompostol (made from banana and potato peels, some bell pepper remains, some black tea I had this morning …) – a powerful and very ecofriendly developer! Foodwaste for film!!!

Vad ska vi göra?

Kort introduktion till Super-8, inspelning av en spontan film tillsammans (bara 30 sekunder lång), blandning av en soppa gjord av material från det som växer runt oss (Magnolia-blommor och mer) plus lite matavfall från Dagies frukost! Enkel filmframkallning och den lilla gemensamma filmen är klar!
(Denna framkallningsvätska är stark, smaskig, helt miljövänlig och fantastisk att bearbeta sina svartvita negativ i, både stillbilder och rörlig bild, samt fotopapper!)

Beautiful Lake Stora Delsjön

Only 7 km away from Göteborg‘s Center: beautiful, calm lake Delsjön, in the middle of a forest! Nice bikeride for me, easy to find. Some tough people took a swim! Can’t believe it … the water is just a few degrees up from zero … and they jump into it! Vikings! Cool!!!


These matchboxes! I just HAVE to do something with them … play … film … animate …

Solstickan is a Swedish charity foundation founded in 1936 for aiding children in need. The money for the foundation is gathered through the sales of the Solstickan matchbox or lighter which over the years have become the most well known and purchased matchbox in Sweden. The art work of the matchbox was made in 1936 by the artist Einar Nerman and is a painting of his own son.
Today, the money from the Solstickan foundation goes mostly to science and research in child diseases.



Was für ein lustiges Wort … ich lese es überall – und ich hab keine Ahnung, was das bedeuten könnte und kann es mir auch nicht irgendwoher ableiten.

Erbsenzähler Erbschleicher Erdatlanten Abhandengekommene!

Dazu passt kein Bild … doch, vielleicht meine Magnolie am Picknicktisch? Vielleicht ist sie ein Erbjudand? 😉

At Konstepidemin, Göteborg, Sweden

I am finally here now, at my sweet studio at Konstepidemin, Göteborg / Gothenburg, Sweden!!
I am invited here to stay 1 month and make some pictures 😉

It was a long train ride from Berlin, Germany, about 14 hours … via Denmark … across the beautiful Öresund bridge that connects Denmark with Sweden. Entering Sweden the Corona Border Police checked my fresh and negative German Corona test and for some obscure reason didn’t accept it, sent me back across the bridge to Denmark to make a quick test and then, after a 3rd bridge crossing they let me in! Welcome in Sweden!!! (Denmark had accepted it btw).

But I must say it was all ok for me, I lost just 2 hours (the bridge trip doesn’t take more than 15 minutes from Hyllie, the first Swedish city and Kastrup Airport Station, the first Danish stop) – Göteborg-bound trains go every hour – and everybody was extremely friendly and explaining (the tall, blonde, charming officer said they are taking off about 100 people every day – with tests they don’t accept, and send them back to do a quick test …).

I mean: it’s a pandemic! You shouldn’t travel at all … or if you have to (like me), be prepared for some inconveniences. Still I feel very very privileged to be here!