“Kiss The Moment, It‘s Not A Pyramid”

… is the title of my pinhole photo installation.

It is a give-it-back-where-I-took-it-from:

I am hanging my pinhole photos (baryte cardbord, each one developed in an appropriate developing soup like Magnolia Juice, Coffee, Kompost Tea, Gurkol aka Cucumber Pickle Water) carefully to where they came from: on a tree, on a special place somewhere at Konstepidemin area!
Of course they can get stolen or destroyed the very next day, they will wither and rain away with time and weather, but that’s part of the game: baryte paper with robust grommets and cords can stay hanging for months! Or disappear within days. It doesn’t scare or bother me: it’s just like life, things come and leave, nothing lasts forever, kiss the moment, it’s not a pyramid!