At Konstepidemin, Göteborg, Sweden

I am finally here now, at my sweet studio at Konstepidemin, Göteborg / Gothenburg, Sweden!!
I am invited here to stay 1 month and make some pictures 😉

It was a long train ride from Berlin, Germany, about 14 hours … via Denmark … across the beautiful Öresund bridge that connects Denmark with Sweden. Entering Sweden the Corona Border Police checked my fresh and negative German Corona test and for some obscure reason didn’t accept it, sent me back across the bridge to Denmark to make a quick test and then, after a 3rd bridge crossing they let me in! Welcome in Sweden!!! (Denmark had accepted it btw).

But I must say it was all ok for me, I lost just 2 hours (the bridge trip doesn’t take more than 15 minutes from Hyllie, the first Swedish city and Kastrup Airport Station, the first Danish stop) – Göteborg-bound trains go every hour – and everybody was extremely friendly and explaining (the tall, blonde, charming officer said they are taking off about 100 people every day – with tests they don’t accept, and send them back to do a quick test …).

I mean: it’s a pandemic! You shouldn’t travel at all … or if you have to (like me), be prepared for some inconveniences. Still I feel very very privileged to be here!