Let me introduce: Café Müller

Now this is a cool story, a sad and a happy one too, a story full of ideas!

My boyfriend jumped into another universe in summer. I got this gypsy caravan, half of it, the other half I share it with his best and oldest friend Christoph. We love it and we want to set it free (it slept 30 years in a stable / atelier; my boyfriend lived in it 40 years ago, travelled ultraslowly for 10 years).

Now we moved it to a place in North Germany where we will transform it to a café, an experimental kitchen, a tiny cinema, a culinary and artful lab.

It stands here now, in Bokel, a small village, a caravan community that merged into the rural farmer community with a 30 years history beginning with the first two couples in caravans with a big heart for nature and living together in harmony.

Now it is a little paradise in the middle of forests and meadows and you can be a guest for a while, you wouldn’t think but some caravans are rented via airbnb!
Some info here

We will start with slow renovation and the first cups of coffee over the winter. Stay tuned!

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