Dresden Experimental Filmworkshop

That was great! I guided two intense workshop days during the Schmalfilmtage-Film-Festival: „The Lucky 7 film ORWO 8“ – Seven participants (from Leipzig and Dresden) had the rare opportunity to work with ORWO film material. Double Super 8. Old wind up cameras. Film rolls that have lingered for 20 years or more in the fridge and waited …
The results were extremely beautiful: we got the famous „ORWO worms“ – a unique worm-like pattern on the film – the gelatine layers break during processing. My students were a bunch of enthusiastic girls and guys – thank you for being part of my Wabisabi workshop, writing names in the snow, playing with coincidences and having a wonderful time!

Inside the Dresden train station I discovered a kiosk with sausages hanging in the open windows. „Blasenwurst„, I never heard of that before. Can it really mean what it says?? I mean … Blase means Bladder … mmh!

Back in Berlin my brother picked me up and we went to Kreuzbergs best Italian Restaurant (I mentioned it earlier) – pulsating, noisy, crowded as usual, we had gigantic yummy Pizza and there was a partying laughing simpatico large group of Americans at the neighbor table – one of the best film makers and his crew, these days working at his new project – welcome in Berlin, QT! We captured his back through my prosecco glass 😉
What a wonderful fulfilling weekend!