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Bösekatzebösekatze …

German Human Beatbox-History … I saw a documentary in the Eiszeit-Cinema about “The 5th Element of HipHop (after DJing, MCing, Breakdancing und Graffiti)“ – an amazing and very entertaining film about Berlin subculture, lips, tongues, the deep bass beat of a city and a big community: „Love, Peace and Beatbox“ by Volker Meyer- Dabisch.
I wasn’t interested in German HipHop at all before but this film showed me that there is a huge loving tolerant universe beside all those aggro dumb motherfuckers!
And I loved the scenes where DJ Mesia, a real big bearish Berlin tough & nice guy, teaches kids the basics of HipHop, Beatbox and mouth-percussion in a youth center. That made completely sense to me and touched my hippiesque youth-teacher-heart …

This “Bösekatze“ thing in the headline is a kind of mnemonic – learning beatboxing: your first bursting consonants will be like B, TZ, K the guy in the credits told us directly in the camera (and the audience practised it immediately!!) … B …sss … k … tzz …

Performing a cool & sweet spontaneous Eiszeit-Special after the film show: Bee Low, founder of the German Beatbox Battle, and ….. I’m not quite sure who the other guy is – Wetlipz of 4XSample?? Correct me if I’m wrong 🙂

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