A Day Dedicated To Wilbur Scoville

German reunification – happy birthday, 18 years ago the East and West joyfully joined together 😉 – it’s a holiday for everybody here … I’m still suffering from Californication, so I reunited happily with Khani, Miriam and Darius to have some authentic burgers in a hidden place called AWS (American Western Saloon) in deep space Reinickendorf/MĂ€rkisches Viertel, weird outskirts of West (!) Berlin … oh Guadalupe-mia, we had Chili-Tequila, we spit fire and will never be cold any more and felt really cleared from the inside … the waitress told us later that we finished the remains of the Tequila bottle (means: concentrated marinated chili) … definitely very high on the Scoville scale.

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