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unterwegs in Sachen Film >>> <<< on the road making films!



What I really begin to like about this WORM place is beyond other the beautiful bar.
They made everything from recycled material – I especially like the tables and chairs – and they got little chewing gum sacks (for spitting them out before drinking!)
So clever!


Snow and Music

Second Workshop day – out door experiences! 4 groups on the tracks and traces of coincidence, finding things and filming their trip. To be processed tomorrow …
I went with Esther, walking. It snowed. At one corner we were attracted by kitschy organ music (Holland clichee 🙂 and found a half covered organ from at least 2 centuries ago playing joyfully for itself.
What will the others have found? Was coincidence playing with them? We’ll see …


Tar and Feathers

The Worm isn’t only an inviter of short film makers but also a host of illustrious events such as tonight a bunch of guys presenting the Cassette Culture of the ex GDR (release of book+DVD) – very fascinating insight in the 70s and 80s underground of East German music.

And then, featherlike snow outside, warm synthesizers and red wine inside, there was Tarwater playing.

Somehow makes we want to be a hunter and collector of weird sounds. I’m quite sure that we’re going to set up a super 8 wabi-sabi band here on Monday …