El Ángel Exterminador

One of my alltime nicest favorite Kreuzberg bars is the WĂŒrgeengel (El Ángel Exterminador, Luis Buñuel). It’s like a warm red hole that you can come to after a long days work. Meeting my brother. Having 2 glasses of delicious red wine. And what a bomb Berlin is right now, it’s pulsating with people from all over the world and we felt like a little eye in the hurrican because we’ve lived here for 20 years. Seen some changes. Call it home. (I grew up in the middle of Western Nowhere and I lived there only 19 years, ha!)
Unluckily the temperatures fell below 0 Centigrade and my bike lock froze. Had to wake it up with matches I always carry with me. Winter survival kit 😉

Xmas Kotti

I love it when worlds collide. I had a late morning-coffee-date with Khani today at Biocompany (they sell organic food in Berlin supermarketwise, quickly growing, expanding. Smaller organic food stores die. Is the world that simple?) but we didn’t enter because the cafĂ© was crowded with baby buggy pushing parents who allowed their breed to chose between 6 different sorts of croissants and made us feel sick so we preferred to go to the place where reality hurts: Kaiser’s Supermarket (directly @ Kottbusser Tor) with an inbuilt cafĂ© where you get your coffee good and cheap from probably extremely exploited but extremely friendly and relaxed employees and can watch the outside world passing by which means noon beer drinkers and junkies and tourists and dogs and sometimes straying people from god knows where and neighbors. Sometimes it just feels good to be there for some time and watch them and like them. Especially on Christmas. Why? Don’t know.

I noticed a pair of sneakers hanging from a wire in front of Kaiser’s, reminding me of my Los Angeles days *sigh*, and the woman hanging there (not from a wire) told me there were 3 pairs 3 days ago. We wished each other a good day, she continued her day begging for money and I taking pictures.

Xmas night? I spent it with my very small very beloved very patchworky family at my brothers place and I guess we had a precious good time and a goose who had a good life before it was killed and good red Italian wine. Later when I went back home on the Underground I felt … good in Berlin. Love to y’all 😉

The Kottbusser Tor and the Making Of photo taken by Khani. Get your website ready!!

Nose Flutes, the Kleinert Splint, and Parisian Brats

Music was my first love and it will be my last. This is a song I always remember. And a truth.
Party weekend! Saturday: The Milchbar (Milk Bar) in Kreuzberg hosted the fantastic „Oberkreuzberger Nasenflötenorchester“ – a bunch of guys with nose flutes bombing the house with nosy versions of „Eloise“ and other alltimefavorites. Incredibly rocking and rolling and shaking. One leading guitar, some electronic samples and 8 rocking guys with funny flutes. Sexy.

I was there with Khani and Nadine (who just came back from her 3 months job-stay in Heidelberg and celebrated with us her happy-homecoming feeling) and then we met Jule, an old friend of Khanis, who proudly presented us her „Kleinert-Splint“ at her hand (she had thrown some garbage in the garbage can, pressed it down with her hands not knowing about glass splinters and got her hand nerve cut and torn tendon … outch) – she had a 2 hours surgery (general anesthesia) and they repaired all they could repair and left her with that Kleinert-Splint which allows her finger to bend somehow. Looks cruel but very interesting!!
There’s a plastic thread stabbed through her thumb tip connected with the wrist joint …
This Kleinert magician guy was born as a farmers son in Montana, his mother pushed him supporting his career profession wish and he, well, read it here german and here english

Today, Sunday, different scene, different music, same soul 😉
Berlin-Köpenick, Schlossplatztheater, Les Gosses, a duo of two women, one singer (Frederike Haas), one accordeon (Sirid Heuts), sliding us down to Paris, down to Edith Piaf century, down to small leather suitcases, big love stories with sad endings, harbour ladies, travelling rapscallions.
Rapscallion! What a beautiful word! I learned it using leo.org to whom I want to say thank you by the way. And thank you too to those two Gosses /Gören / Ischen/ Brats for the power you gave me this evening, a very very dark day, the day before Solstice, / Equinox – the power of singing and the beauty of music and the esprit of survival.

All that Glisters is not Gold / All that Stinks is not Vomit

I have a part time job in a publishing house, nice little island, share the room with a collegue. Lately there was a curious stinking cloud lingering in our room: vomit. Pure vomit. Disgusting. Where did it come from? Not me, not him, for sure. It took us a while to detect the spring: a Ginkgo fruit! Ripe, incredibly healthy, incredibly stinking. The Ginkgo tree is called „Duck Feet“ as far as I remember, in Japanese, because the leaves look like. Why do I tell you this story? I have no idea. Today was the first half-sunny day in an endless row of grey heavy dark days. I go nuts here :-O Berlin stinks but is a healthy alternative maybe. For now.

Giant Sand

I think I can tell it right now even if it’s some more days to years end, this was the best concert of the year.

The LIDOin Belin-Kreuzberg hosted Giant Sand. “What is essential for music is the lower part of the whole body“ said Howe Gelb in the end of the concert and even if I don’t quote it 100%ly right right right right now (2 o’clock morning, 4 or 5 Astrabeers inside) I say I totally agree. And disagree because I love my brain and its vibes (upper part!) but it leads too long and far away reminding me (plus the 20 understanders) that I bet on the wrong horse 5 years ago … and again it leads me somewhere else (highways!) and back to the concert … dream audience! The place is gold, the time was more than right (Berliners! Need! Warm! Music! Now! Especially! With! Hot! Vibes! Inside!) I felt that each and everybody was there totally absorbing the music with an open heart. I never before experienced a concert before in my life with so much testosterone around me and I enjoyed my stay being not the oldest person around because the musiclovers started at the age of 50. Or 40. I felt young. Maybe I erase everything written here tomorrow.


2 Stars

Sunday night on my way to the best Pizzeria in town (Il Casolare, Grimmstr. 30) I saw two very big stars in the sky, one above the other, really fat, more like planets. I mean, stars are planets anyway, what a beautiful constellation, Andreas, stargazer, can you blog me a comment and tell me who they were???