Giant Sand

I think I can tell it right now even if it’s some more days to years end, this was the best concert of the year.

The LIDOin Belin-Kreuzberg hosted Giant Sand. “What is essential for music is the lower part of the whole body“ said Howe Gelb in the end of the concert and even if I don’t quote it 100%ly right right right right now (2 o’clock morning, 4 or 5 Astrabeers inside) I say I totally agree. And disagree because I love my brain and its vibes (upper part!) but it leads too long and far away reminding me (plus the 20 understanders) that I bet on the wrong horse 5 years ago … and again it leads me somewhere else (highways!) and back to the concert … dream audience! The place is gold, the time was more than right (Berliners! Need! Warm! Music! Now! Especially! With! Hot! Vibes! Inside!) I felt that each and everybody was there totally absorbing the music with an open heart. I never before experienced a concert before in my life with so much testosterone around me and I enjoyed my stay being not the oldest person around because the musiclovers started at the age of 50. Or 40. I felt young. Maybe I erase everything written here tomorrow.


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