Nose Flutes, the Kleinert Splint, and Parisian Brats

Music was my first love and it will be my last. This is a song I always remember. And a truth.
Party weekend! Saturday: The Milchbar (Milk Bar) in Kreuzberg hosted the fantastic „Oberkreuzberger Nasenflötenorchester“ – a bunch of guys with nose flutes bombing the house with nosy versions of „Eloise“ and other alltimefavorites. Incredibly rocking and rolling and shaking. One leading guitar, some electronic samples and 8 rocking guys with funny flutes. Sexy.

I was there with Khani and Nadine (who just came back from her 3 months job-stay in Heidelberg and celebrated with us her happy-homecoming feeling) and then we met Jule, an old friend of Khanis, who proudly presented us her „Kleinert-Splint“ at her hand (she had thrown some garbage in the garbage can, pressed it down with her hands not knowing about glass splinters and got her hand nerve cut and torn tendon … outch) – she had a 2 hours surgery (general anesthesia) and they repaired all they could repair and left her with that Kleinert-Splint which allows her finger to bend somehow. Looks cruel but very interesting!!
There’s a plastic thread stabbed through her thumb tip connected with the wrist joint …
This Kleinert magician guy was born as a farmers son in Montana, his mother pushed him supporting his career profession wish and he, well, read it here german and here english

Today, Sunday, different scene, different music, same soul 😉
Berlin-Köpenick, Schlossplatztheater, Les Gosses, a duo of two women, one singer (Frederike Haas), one accordeon (Sirid Heuts), sliding us down to Paris, down to Edith Piaf century, down to small leather suitcases, big love stories with sad endings, harbour ladies, travelling rapscallions.
Rapscallion! What a beautiful word! I learned it using to whom I want to say thank you by the way. And thank you too to those two Gosses /Gören / Ischen/ Brats for the power you gave me this evening, a very very dark day, the day before Solstice, / Equinox – the power of singing and the beauty of music and the esprit of survival.