Akabalaka! The Umbi Bros are in Town.

I hate mimes. Say “Marcel Marceau! Boo!“ to me and I break down and get the scabies. But! There is something else in this polyverse! With SOUND!! The Umbilical Brothers come from Australia, performed in the Tipi tent in Berlin tonight and we all loved them, even my little nephew who doesn’t understand more than 10 words english but that doesn’t matter, he understands all the stories they tell with their extremely skilled funny intelligent laugh-myself-to-death noises (special beatbox microphones I guess) and … well … I wish them luck and fame worldwide!
Watch them on Youtube (here’s my favourite: Velcroworld!) or better if you have the chance go see them in reality because they are so REAL (one thing I love about artist is when you see and feel they have really fun performing on stage, it’s like a spark that oscillates, can you understand me?!) and they have layers. Their jokes are not flat. They are partly extremely simple. Boys jokes. About zippers and chainsaws and robots and guns and flies. But with layers behind. And their choreography is gorgeous. Musicians.