Mary Mary So Contrary

Thank you Carla for taking me out on a ride to Ely, North of Cambridge. We played tourists and went to the Cathedral, founded in 673 by a young Saxon princess called Etheldreda.
For me (who really despises all sorts of organized powerful religions worldwide) the most amazing discovery was the Mary statue in a sort of light and joyful section of the church: Mary with golden hair and a sexy blue dress, one foot over the rim, definitely channeling something from earth to heaven or sun or vice versa. Totally powerful and positive!

Then we found a lazy bishop and some interesting colorful glass paintings, homoerotic maybe?!

Reality Checkpoint Cambridge

Hey ho from Cambridge, East Anglia!

I had a funny pleasant flight from Berlin to London Stansted yesterday: just 10 seconds before landing, about 20 meters from the ground, the plane went wwhoooooosh and up in the air again for an extra round! The Captain said something like bzzz bzzzz tower bzzzz bla …. Weird ….

Now I’m at the world famous 3rd International Cambridge Super 8 Festival and I feel fine!
Some pictures?

See me and Tony and Clara and Simon testing cider:

Me and Clara discovering interesting shops:

…. and this is the magic Reality Checkpoint in the middle of a huge park (the saying goes there once was a hippie on a wacky trip strolling around and … I forgot the rest, have to ask Clara later! I’ll be back!!