Catweazles Toad Is Called Touchwood

Geocaching part two.
Today: Beelitzer Heilstätten, me, my brother Bernd, my nephew David and his friend Lenny. We spent all day long looking for caches, hunting places, collecting clues … it was a beautiful summer excursion!

We stumbled upon weird rotten houses and sheds, one was like spidermans refuge with red threads all over, so magic!

And then, deep down in the tunnels, I found a lonely toad. Must have been fallen through one of the ceiling hatches. I gave it a lift back up (I kept it in my hand, it felt warmer than expected, I felt it struggling in the beginning and then breathing, calming down …) I set it free up in some shady shrubs.

Does anyone remember Catweazle? His toad was called Touchwood – in German Kylwalda! Electrickery! Elektriktrick! Salmei, Dalmei, Adomei! Schampamporasch!

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