48 Stunden Neukölln

48 Hours Neukölln. It’s like a big fair all over Neukölln, a very special part of Berlin, growing, getting more colorful and hipper.
Starting today, ending tomorrow night. It feels just great, at every corner there’s something happening, something to see and to listen to.
I spent some time at Marie’s Toilettenhäuschen 😉 , former public toilets, now a little art space. Tiny pictures and photos hanging there (I loved the underwater ones!) and Anything Maria playing, a woman from Marseille, now a Berlin resident I guess. First I didn’t really like her lovelyfrenchbrokenenglish singing, too much Lolita I found, but she got better from song to song: one woman, one loud distorted guitar and some weird electronic little helpers.

And tomorrow we aaaalllll enter the bandboat!! The captains welcome you with a warm beating heart and hopefully a warm sun!

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