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Jupiter And The Moon

Too cold for stargazing … I’m sitting nevertheless in my open window with a warming Morellino glass in my hand and … summer is over … I just can’t seem to get that through my head.
And what do I see? The beautiful moon rising with a little shining partner at its side! Checking … it’s Jupiter, the giant gas planet, my (sagittarius) helper, helping me tonight … well, whatever, can’t be bad anyway …
Cheers 🙂


Morellino Is Alive

Mmmmmh, go to Lidl and buy this wine, it’s a very very good Morellino!
Cheers to my (dead) cat with the same name in cat’s heaven!!!


Smiling Crema Di Peperoncino

Good morning everybody!
Today I needed some kind of hot spread on my bread, summer drifting away, leaves are turning yellow, it’s only natural 😉
I opened the glass and a smile came back.
Lovely weekend to all of you!


Yummy Russian Tomatoes


Those two weird looking fruit – no, not chestnuts, they are Russian tomatoes (thanks to Beate who gave me a seedling!) – totally delicious and juicy. Had them in my pasta with tomato sauce tonight.
I think I’ll try to breed the seeds next spring.


Nature Taking Over Lame Bikes

My back yard. A bike problem. More bikes than actual bike stands. Some bikes are dead – flat tyre, loneliness, whatever. Slowly nature is taking over. Sprouting, entwining tendrils around the spokes. Hilarious and absurd look.



Mmmh, summer just doesn’t really want to leave! I’m enjoying every single drop of warmth and colour …
One of my favourite bars / cafés in my street is called Goldmarie, I think I mentioned it before: quiet atmosphere, good not too expensive wines, delicious bagels with inventive spreads, peppermint tea with fresh leaves …
And when it gets cold and you still don’t want to go inside since the evening is so precious, wonderful, crispy: they give you Wolldecken – woolen rugs!


Dmitri Shostakovich

I’m a classical music nitwit.
But years ago my friend Andreas introduced me to Dmitri Shostakovich and some of his symphonies, I especially loved No. 7, Op. 60 ‚Leningrad‘; 1. Allegretto; from 7:39 on because, listening to it, I felt the joy of mathematics, I had a vision of cinematic numeral beauty.
Today thanks to my friend Frauke, she invited me to the Philharmonie of Berlin: Musikfest Berlin 09: Orchestra London, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Dmitri Shostakovich, Symphony No. 8.
It was so exciting to watch the musicians, we had a good seat above them all, enjoying, hearing them like a swarm, a flock … and I liked the mixture of old and very young ones. I loved the percussion section the most, so concentrated partly for just one single boooom 🙂

Here you see the conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy receiving a bunch of flowers at the end of the wonderful performance:


I Go Still

This is me and my brother (the best photographer in town!) checking our new magical device (see some blog earlier) …

… and these are two examples of what came out (a tiny version of course – the quality is gigantic in reality – grain beats pixel!!)


Bye Bye Summer!

It was a too short pleasure to have had you here!