Jupiter And The Moon

Too cold for stargazing … I’m sitting nevertheless in my open window with a warming Morellino glass in my hand and … summer is over … I just can’t seem to get that through my head.
And what do I see? The beautiful moon rising with a little shining partner at its side! Checking … it’s Jupiter, the giant gas planet, my (sagittarius) helper, helping me tonight … well, whatever, can’t be bad anyway …
Cheers 🙂


Mmmh, summer just doesn’t really want to leave! I’m enjoying every single drop of warmth and colour …
One of my favourite bars / cafés in my street is called Goldmarie, I think I mentioned it before: quiet atmosphere, good not too expensive wines, delicious bagels with inventive spreads, peppermint tea with fresh leaves …
And when it gets cold and you still don’t want to go inside since the evening is so precious, wonderful, crispy: they give you Wolldecken – woolen rugs!

Dmitri Shostakovich

I’m a classical music nitwit.
But years ago my friend Andreas introduced me to Dmitri Shostakovich and some of his symphonies, I especially loved No. 7, Op. 60 ‚Leningrad‘; 1. Allegretto; from 7:39 on because, listening to it, I felt the joy of mathematics, I had a vision of cinematic numeral beauty.
Today thanks to my friend Frauke, she invited me to the Philharmonie of Berlin: Musikfest Berlin 09: Orchestra London, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Dmitri Shostakovich, Symphony No. 8.
It was so exciting to watch the musicians, we had a good seat above them all, enjoying, hearing them like a swarm, a flock … and I liked the mixture of old and very young ones. I loved the percussion section the most, so concentrated partly for just one single boooom 🙂

Here you see the conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy receiving a bunch of flowers at the end of the wonderful performance: