Shelter on Kottbusser Damm

One grey wet day in November, noon, Kottbusser Damm / Kreuzberg, finding shelter from devilishly pouring rain in a very small café whose owner braves all the shit coming from the heavens leaving some chairs and two tables outside. Luckily there’s also a canopy …
It’s simply called Coffee Corner, has no website, it’s on Kottbusser Damm # 1 opposite Ankerklause and Turkish Market, close to the bridge, half way to Kottbusser Tor or Hermannplatz.
Me and Khani we sat there drinking a fantastic cappuccino chiaro (a bit more milk than usual), contemplating raindrops and people, our backs inhaling the Italian warmth coming from inside. Mmh!
And something really sweet: you receive a bonus card with your first coffee there, 10 coffees crossed out you’ll get the 11th for free!

The Kassel Feeling …

… and all about the sexiness of train stations … Another film festival! 3 concentrated days in a filmish bubble, I like it there, at the „Dokumentarfilm+Videofilmfestival“ and I found a new friend that hosted me for two nights, thank you Martina for your hospitality!

I banged myself with short films. Full speed ahead. The full monty. That’s what a filmmaker on a filmfestival trip usually does: check out what the others do! I enjoy it everytime and I can’t get enough until my eyes turn square. Full inspiration. Thanks festival crew for having invited me and for the good vibes that lingered around 😉

And then there’s this aftercinema party every evening, situated at the Hauptbahnhof, the more or less main station which is quite confusing because it’s not really a main station any more, it’s more like a side station, a cultural art station, check wiki … aaaaanyways, I loved and enjoyed to stroll around with my camera at three in the morning, a bit tipsy, the air full of promising winter-won’t-be-long-feelings, friendly blinking stars and a laser beam above and a peaceful feeling, god this really sounds hippiesque typing it down but … it was just good.

4 Legged Octopus

I’m sitting in my command center, stuck to my computer, listening to Sonic Youth, my favourite song of the day is “Hits Of Sunshine (For Alan Ginsberg)“, my eyes wandering around, scanning a little piece of paper with a picture that my little nephew drew for me: an octopus! With only 4 legs, he could not count further I guess at that time heehee. It hangs there and makes me smile. Sometimes life can be so simple and beautiful.

Spooky Devil Spy Station

Geocaching time again! The well-tried gang (Bernd, David, Michi, Britta, Marlon and me) who had already solved different puzzles and found several crazily well hidden caches in the past did it again: Today: Teufelsberg (Devil’s Mountain); the former US listening station, quite vandalized by now but still absolutely fascinating to explore! Especially the cupola on top of one building. It is easy to access and when you’re inside you can hear wacky echoes, reverbs, feedbacks of yourself and the other weekend visitors … >>

Snow Grains

First snow in Berlin!
Fat wet flakes, quite ugly, bombing down ten minutes long and then they’re gone leaving the city even greyer and wetter. Yes, I’m in a bad mood, yes, I despise this month, yes, I miss colours and the sun!
Yes and I know how to hex my bad mood into a good mood: hold my camera up into the sky, kiss flakes, save grains and pixels 🙂