The Kassel Feeling …

… and all about the sexiness of train stations … Another film festival! 3 concentrated days in a filmish bubble, I like it there, at the „Dokumentarfilm+Videofilmfestival“ and I found a new friend that hosted me for two nights, thank you Martina for your hospitality!

I banged myself with short films. Full speed ahead. The full monty. That’s what a filmmaker on a filmfestival trip usually does: check out what the others do! I enjoy it everytime and I can’t get enough until my eyes turn square. Full inspiration. Thanks festival crew for having invited me and for the good vibes that lingered around 😉

And then there’s this aftercinema party every evening, situated at the Hauptbahnhof, the more or less main station which is quite confusing because it’s not really a main station any more, it’s more like a side station, a cultural art station, check wiki … aaaaanyways, I loved and enjoyed to stroll around with my camera at three in the morning, a bit tipsy, the air full of promising winter-won’t-be-long-feelings, friendly blinking stars and a laser beam above and a peaceful feeling, god this really sounds hippiesque typing it down but … it was just good.