Travelling With My Sheep

I went to Gigant Photo, one of Berlins best high-end photo and framing and printing companies, to pick up my print of my Orwo-sheep (blown up from a super 8 still). I felt like baaing, travelling with my sheep, browsing on a nervous field with millions of x-mas-crazy contemporaries hunting for the ultimate gift … so I took a break at the Schwarzes Café to see my brother and his love for a relax coffee and some gigantic toasts.
The Schwarzes Café! About a quarter of a century back when I came to Berlin for the very first time it was exactly that place that I stepped in (open 24 hours) after a long hitch-hike ride. I’ll never forget: travelling with my friend, nice drivers (a white Citroën DS) who picked us up in dark Gütersloh when we were already half ready to give up after 1 hour of hopeless waiting … like in a dream the shimmering white car appeared and took us with them all the way to Berlin and spit us out at Zoologischer Garten, 2 o’clock in the morning, a warm glimmering August night, it was then when I fell in love with that city …
Anyway, nice to see that the café still exists!