Die Blumen Glotzen Mich An

“Endlich, der Sommer ist da, die Wolken weiß, der Himmel klar (finally summer is there, clouds white, sky clear“) sings a skinny grey crooked man with guitar in my Ubahn train in Berlin, yesteryesteryesterday, me leaving for Köln, Cologne, to the Frauenfilmfestival / Womens Film Festival where I spend 3 days, show 2 films, meet summer, feel a bit lost, loving that feeling nevertheless … lay down on a meadow at the river Rhine, ear full of even skinnier young Russian girls yelling into their phones but I don’t give a shit, it’s suddenly summer, everybody drinks Kölsch at noon, I watch them and I watch ducks and ships, one ship’s called “live slow“ and I try to.

On my way home today on the train I recorded the following film … I’m always absolutely appalled and get the goosebumps and start to giggle – oooooh I’m so mean ;-o when I hear German train staff announcing stations and information in english – here’s a good one >>> senkjufortreweling.MOV

To complete a perfect weekend I needed a perfect concert. Tocotronic’s 6 weeks tour ended tonight at Berlin’s Astra, a good intimate place with great acoustic. It was long sold out, it was great, it was for me like fulfilling circles: the junkie (?) with his guitar in the subway singing about clear summer clouds, nervous blondie girls talking Russian, too many lesbians on a festival (sorry, gimme testosterone you awful dudes), exploding nature, ah yes Tocotronic that very best German band that held my bygone last summer together while I was again cloudwatching, filmplanning, searching for things I can’t publish here and they truly friendly accompanied me on my iTunes. Thank you guys and your guitars for the best concert 2010. The last song, the outro, the endless guitar loop feedback was BETTER than Neil Young and that says it all.

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