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I’m Straight

Today I found a song that I’ve missed for about 13 years … „I’m Straight“ by Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers. –> im-straight.mp3
I used to listen to it a hundred times in a loop. Swinging in my hammock. Thinking about Swingchronicity. Falling in love with someone.

Today I re-found it. At a friend’s re-birthday party in one of my most favourite clubs called Mysliwska (the Polish word for „Jägerstübchen – Hunter’s Parlor“) in Berlin-Kreuzberg (Schlesische Strasse 35) where we celebrated his entrance into the forties. And Berlin’s first warm summer evening. Smells like so much more!

Inside Myslivska there’s a lamp with a magic elf or a dragonfly inside … stretch your neck, buy a drink, get drunk, dance.


25 Days …

… to go and then it’s time for my Berlin Wabi-Sabi-Workshop #1. See here!!

Today I dusted my super 8 cameras … and found my old Agfa Family (the one on the right with the orange button) – a very special and funny camera that Agfa invented in the late seventies: a totally simple thing, no focus, no zoom, but it filmed AND made stills! To mark the still it scratched a tiny chink which was somehow „felt“ later by the projector while projecting the film and it stopped for a certain time. So says Wiki …
And I say: there are still some places left in my workshop!!



The moon is fresh, only a sickle now. Summer has finally, shily come (will it stay?), I open my balcony door and find the moon, scrunch up your eyes: you see the whole of the moon!



One day on the countryside!
I spent some time with my friends (who by the way are specialists in Japanese gardening! Go visit their website here.)
I’m a specialist in weird spontaneous film making … I saw an oil seed field and grabbed it. And then we harvested some rhubarb in the garden and made a cake. Both yummy. See the Making-Of, ah yes by the way: I collect Dirndls (blogged it before) – did you know that the breast part, the décolletée is called Balkonette? Isn’t that beautifully logical? Think of a window with a balcony and lots of flowers 😉 —–> balkonetteklein.mov



It is really incredible how many there are … lost places … abandoned Russian military caserns around Berlin. The geocaching dream team hit the road again and explored a huge area – “Das letzte Paar“, many buildings, wide overgrown boulevards, almost like a city, now taken over by a brushwood and birch jungle.
We found a room in the catacombs filled with weird technical machines, half destroyed half rusted, like pre-computers or calculators, called Задания (Zadaniya which I found out means something like task or job): painted numbers on the frame 1-2-4-8-16 etc, some bakelite buttons behind a hole punched transparent screen, an electric plug and a handle that reminded me of a dynamite explosion device.

The dream team: me, David, Michi, Bernd in front of a water reservoir tower (yes, we did climb the marginally rusted metal stairs up to the top!) Foto: Bernd Brundert