I’m Straight

Today I found a song that I’ve missed for about 13 years … „I’m Straight“ by Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers. –> im-straight.mp3
I used to listen to it a hundred times in a loop. Swinging in my hammock. Thinking about Swingchronicity. Falling in love with someone.

Today I re-found it. At a friend’s re-birthday party in one of my most favourite clubs called Mysliwska (the Polish word for „Jägerstübchen – Hunter’s Parlor“) in Berlin-Kreuzberg (Schlesische Strasse 35) where we celebrated his entrance into the forties. And Berlin’s first warm summer evening. Smells like so much more!

Inside Myslivska there’s a lamp with a magic elf or a dragonfly inside … stretch your neck, buy a drink, get drunk, dance.

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