World Cup On Liepnitzsee Island & Hello To 2 Grandmas And 1 Grandpa

The most beautiful and clear lake near Berlin is my favourite Liepnitzsee.
Sunday holiday with brother Bernd and Nephew David! The greatest event was watching World Cup Germany:England … what a speedy fucking good game! We watched it at public viewing at the Inselklause which is a spot on the island inside the lake … had cold beer and hot fun and a very small tv screen!

One … no I think two of the German goals were shot by one fresh guy called Thomas Müller who later in the interview added to his comment: „Kann ich bitte noch jemanden grüssen? Ich möchte meine 2 Omas und meinen 1 Opa grüssen! (Can I please say hello to someone? I’d like to say hello to my 2 grandmas and 1 grandpa!)“. How super sweet!
Even old veteran Günter Netzer who co-comments the game in between and after smiled with his 48 teeth and we all cheered.

Wabisabi In Berlin Part 1!

Yeeha, the first Berlin-workshop is over (the second is in July and full).
7 people, 2 intense days full of filmish vibes, lucky developers, great ideas, infecting mood! It’s every time (this was only my 5th workshop so far) fascinating how people that have never met before can become very quickly like brothers and sisters in a boat! Thank you for being part of the wabisabi event, guys and chicas!!

This is Nadine hanging in a tree, Cécile despiralizing the freshly developed film from the spiral and Florian hanging 15 m of still wet film through the dark room while we were watching some films on the beamer.

Film on!

Countdown To Wabisabiland

One more week to go until my first self-organized workshop starts here in Berlin! All about the magic of Super 8 filming and processing and the wabi-sabi phenomenon … more here.

I just cleaned and checked my futuristic intergalactic Bolex 155 macrozoom (made in Switzerland in 1968!) and purchased a manual for 10 bucks at tradebit somewhere on internetplanet because this camera has a mighty complicated lens-construction inside, not easy to zoom and focus!
The workshop is almost full (limited to eight participants) … next is July 3/4.