A Quick Jump Into A Lake

Berlin is surrounded by lakes. Since I don’t have a car I depend on friends or public transport. Which is ok: today I discovered the Dämeritzsee in Erkner, only a three-quarters of an hour away from the city’s center by S-Bahn. Nothing special though, a bit muddy but not overcrowded at all.

The nice thing about it is that you feel miles and miles away from the city though Erkner still belongs to Berlin.
The lake is situated under the entry lane of the Schönefeld Airport so there are planes flying in quite close. I love planespotting (I spot and immediately feel connected to the wide wide miraculous world) and today it fitted nicely into the book that I was reading called “Brautflug (Bride Flight)” by Dutch novelist Marieke Van Der Pol.
There’s a long fascinating passage about emigrants taking a 50 hours flight in the fifties from the Netherlands to New Zealand (including 7 stops or so). Those times they faced turbulences I’d never have survived … god, I hate turbulences.
Can someone explain me that an airplane is not a sardine can in 30,000 feet height? That turbulences are as harmless as shattering peanuts? I think I must find a pilot in my life …

Anyway … they sold freshly harvested mirabelles at the service station. From the boss’s garden. A spark, a breeze from the countryside!

Dappy Hilal

This morning I stumbled over yellow letters when I left my house. On the street. Beautifully sprayed. Some of them have little flashes added. Try to combine them!

I read “Dappy Hilal”!
What can that mean? A Turkish riddle? Happy Birthday, Hilal? Hilal ist ein Depp?

Wabi-Sabi Birds

My workshops are history 😉 [which by the way does NOT mean that I’m never holding one any more, on the contrary, I’m planning one in November in Berlin again, subject: animation!!] and what is left? Infected people and a bunch of very beautiful 3-minute films!
You can see some pictures and scenes on my Wabisabi site.

While working on editing them I had a bird loop in my ears, Natural Desaster by Andrew Bird. My favourite song at the moment …
The picture below is a still from Nadine’s film – Adalbertstrasse, shot from a bike, self processed.
It was fun and I’m proud of all my participants!!

Spaniards Do It Better

I had a schizophrenic football event today: first halftime of THE game tonite (Germany vs España) I had to watch it at my job but luckily I have a cool job and can do my things and watch internet-tv simultaneously!

Started a little boring so I took my chance and changed places after the break – go go go to my favourite club in Kreuzberg which I surely mentioned before: the legendary Club 39 equipped for the first time with a professional beamer!

Second halftime … sorry dreamteam of Germany (missing the Müller 😉 – … the Spaniards were better …
No one cried, we preferred to take another drink and listen to wonderful Kristof Hahn who started his one man guitar set with a melancholic version of „Ooh hoo Yogi Löw“. Beautiful!
Listen here >>>> ooohooooyogi.mp3

Wabisabi In Berlin Part 2!

The hottest day ever!
Very sadly 4 people had to cancel the workshop … 2 because of visa/working problems, 2 caught a sudden summer flu … so there were only Judith and Lutz and Susi left. And me.
We had a very intimate session today and we developed the first color film under perfect conditions: room temperature 36° – so the processing chemicals didn’t really need heating (to 38°)!!
Some walk in the park, some sausage and pesto animation … and to finish a perfect day Judith and I walked by a Chinese Restaurant – Glück Lieferservice – Luck delivery service!