Say Aufwiedersehen To Your Nazi Balls

… that’s what I recall and that’s exactly what they should do with them, referring to a scene from „Unglourious Basterds“ (Nazi-Eier zu Brei, tut bestimmt schön weh und das soll es ja auch) – sorry, I watched it right now, a little late, a year too late, one of the last glorious warm open air nights at bastardly warm open air night cinema in Kreuzberg …

Tomorrow is the last open air summer cinema day … go there if you can …

It left me a little confused … I saw Brad Pitt who I don’t really like that much … but: genious! With his Southern accent … just uglily talentedly beautiful. The best job he ever performanced.

And I cracked up laughing about Hitler, though … well … I am honestly wondering how they succeeded to translate that stupid crappy accent into english … the version that I saw tonight was just perfect … German and French when it was needed, subtitled … let me think two more days about it, ok? Good night!

A Leopard In A Tree

Self-harvested breakfast this morning! At least the tomatoes come from my high tomato trees …

And for an early evening rosé wine I met Deborah at BROSCHEK (which is the girl’s name of the owner’s mama) – (“Die entspannte Kaffee-Bar / the laid back bar in der Neuköllner Weichselstraße zwischen / between Sonnenallee + Karl-Marx-Straße”) and we talked about film and people and life and summer and suddenly realized there’s a leopard in the trees! Art? Who cares! Beautiful! Like a chameleon!

Wide Open Field Tempelhof

One of the oldest German airports – Berlin Tempelhof – ceased operating almost two years ago. And reopened three months ago as a … park. Interim park open to the public, interim because nobody actually knows by now how it continues but as far as I know there’s six projects – urban planners, architects – that won the competition in June.

Aaaanyway … I played airplane with my bike, sped along the runway, enjoyed the wide wide view and the imaginary breeze of kerosine still lingering in the air. Molecules of history hit me, kites buzzed lazily, a Turkish woman learned to ride the bike … and then there was a piano right in the middle of the end of the runway … some keys still working, sounded a bit like in a cowboy saloon … aawwwwesome …

… and here’s a little film >>>>>>

A Forest, No Falling Star

This group on Facebook announced there will be a starry night tonight all over the world … make a wish, make 1000 wishes … not even one. Shit. In Berlin. Cloudy, rainy, thundery. Wishes still lingering.

I looked up into my trees and remembered an old song by The Cure called A FOREST mmmmh and some good bad ugly vibes shot back at me from about 25 years ago when I was good bad ugly young – here’s a really bad VHS version from 1980!

Brave Little Robot

There are not many good games for mac-users in this world.
I got infected by MYST ages ago and the follower RIVEN as well, but since then: desert.

And then I discovered MACHINARIUM. So awesome, so lovely, so beautifully hand-drawn with a cool ambient soundtrack all over … mmmh!
The story is simple, the puzzles are tricky but solvable, no bad killer monsters around, only a bunch of extremely wonderful plots and sites and helpers and hoodlums and oily metal animals … sometimes very funny and heartwarming (a robot! In a robot world! Mammamia!)

The city robot band (find the cat hiding in the didgeridoo!!!)

Still Lives And Mighty Colours

There’s one continuously reliable funky good event coming up every now and then at Kunstraum T27 (Berlin-Neukölln, Thomasstr. 27) – it’s called “Projektionen”, a film / (moving) images evening parallel to a current exhibition.
Today’s subject was “Still Lives”. Curated by Deborah Phillips and Bärbel Freund, both artists, film makers, friends …
I loved their mixture! Slide show and 16 mm films.
Especially one remained in my busy brain: “Still Life” by Jenny Okum from 1976. Color negative. Such a mighty brilliant blue! Azure!

Next “Projektionen” will take place September 2nd. Subject: “animals” (including 3 of my films!)