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Say Aufwiedersehen To Your Nazi Balls

… that’s what I recall and that’s exactly what they should do with them, referring to a scene from „Unglourious Basterds“ (Nazi-Eier zu Brei, tut bestimmt schön weh und das soll es ja auch) – sorry, I watched it right now, a little late, a year too late, one of the last glorious warm open air nights at bastardly warm open air night cinema in Kreuzberg …

Tomorrow is the last open air summer cinema day … go there if you can …

It left me a little confused … I saw Brad Pitt who I don’t really like that much … but: genious! With his Southern accent … just uglily talentedly beautiful. The best job he ever performanced.

And I cracked up laughing about Hitler, though … well … I am honestly wondering how they succeeded to translate that stupid crappy accent into english … the version that I saw tonight was just perfect … German and French when it was needed, subtitled … let me think two more days about it, ok? Good night!

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