Byebye Anidri

Weird … I’m starting to feel a bit melancholic …. this is definitely the last day of summer and the last day of my Crete holiday … and to cheer up me and everybody else —> here’s a find-the-cat-picture! And the lovely place the Kafeneion again. Go there if you’re there. I’ll be back next year for sure.

Sheepy Lickstones And A Bus That Never Comes

Oh god, that in-love-with-herself Dagie again with a similar picture like the day before you might think but I don’t mind … I love that hiking route so much – from down Paleohora to up Anidri – about 4 miles or 5 kms. It’s a paved street and it leads through rough rocks and wild goats and dry meadows, it’s curvy and beautiful. It’s one of the awesomest feelings to arrive at the town sign!!!

And I saw a guy JOGGING, can you believe that? I mean it was hot like 30 degrees Centigrade …

Down close to my favourite beach I saw a group (or a flock? A bunch?) of sheep licking stones! Because of the salt I guess … and some meters ahead: a bus that never comes 😉 . Thanks for the beauty, world!

A Perfect Day

I can’t believe how lucky I am. I’m living in a postcard: I started the day with a nice 1 hour hike down to the beach through a rocky valley, a smelly valley, hot herbs, dusty heat … and then: the beach! Almost empty … a sandwich emerged in my hands … later … I hiked the long road up to Anidri, my good companion, a bottle of water … what more can I say, maybe that the Anidri Kafeneion is the best (do they have a website? Have to check that later) and I had the glorious three: fresh orange juice, a cold beer and Dakos (hard spicey bread with tomato and goat cheese).
Thanks to Connie and Herbert for the invitation 🙂

A FlĂŒgelbĂŒgel And A Late Summer Cricket

I found a FlĂŒgelbĂŒgel (a winged coat-hanger, not rhyming …) Graffiti in my neighbourhood! I don’t know why but it made me smile. So senseless except for the rhyme. Sometimes it’s nothing more than a rhyme that gives meaning to some tiny something.
And then tonight there’s on of the last summer crickets sitting in my tree in front of my window singing loudly, no … of course not singing, just rubbing his legs to attract a late cricket lady.
One of the last summer days, me, late rhyming girl with a lately harvested red summer wine in my hand. Cheers!
Here’s the cricket boy >>> dagiescrickets.mp3

The Guiding Finger

I think it was my friend Khani who told me once that she realized the alikeness of a building at Potsdamer Platz and a fuck finger. Especially when seen through the valley-like Kochstrasse in the morning sun coming from straight East. Plus some picturesque dramatic late summer clouds … it brings pizzazz (I just learned that word on when I was looking for Das Gewisse Etwas)!!