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A Forest, No Falling Star

This group on Facebook announced there will be a starry night tonight all over the world … make a wish, make 1000 wishes … not even one. Shit. In Berlin. Cloudy, rainy, thundery. Wishes still lingering.

I looked up into my trees and remembered an old song by The Cure called A FOREST mmmmh and some good bad ugly vibes shot back at me from about 25 years ago when I was good bad ugly young – here’s a really bad VHS version from 1980!


Brave Little Robot

There are not many good games for mac-users in this world.
I got infected by MYST ages ago and the follower RIVEN as well, but since then: desert.

And then I discovered MACHINARIUM. So awesome, so lovely, so beautifully hand-drawn with a cool ambient soundtrack all over … mmmh!
The story is simple, the puzzles are tricky but solvable, no bad killer monsters around, only a bunch of extremely wonderful plots and sites and helpers and hoodlums and oily metal animals … sometimes very funny and heartwarming (a robot! In a robot world! Mammamia!)

The city robot band (find the cat hiding in the didgeridoo!!!)