Wide Open Field Tempelhof

One of the oldest German airports – Berlin Tempelhof – ceased operating almost two years ago. And reopened three months ago as a … park. Interim park open to the public, interim because nobody actually knows by now how it continues but as far as I know there’s six projects – urban planners, architects – that won the competition in June.

Aaaanyway … I played airplane with my bike, sped along the runway, enjoyed the wide wide view and the imaginary breeze of kerosine still lingering in the air. Molecules of history hit me, kites buzzed lazily, a Turkish woman learned to ride the bike … and then there was a piano right in the middle of the end of the runway … some keys still working, sounded a bit like in a cowboy saloon … aawwwwesome …

… and here’s a little film >>>>>> tempelhof.mov

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