Spaniards Do It Better

I had a schizophrenic football event today: first halftime of THE game tonite (Germany vs España) I had to watch it at my job but luckily I have a cool job and can do my things and watch internet-tv simultaneously!

Started a little boring so I took my chance and changed places after the break – go go go to my favourite club in Kreuzberg which I surely mentioned before: the legendary Club 39 equipped for the first time with a professional beamer!

Second halftime … sorry dreamteam of Germany (missing the Müller 😉 – … the Spaniards were better …
No one cried, we preferred to take another drink and listen to wonderful Kristof Hahn who started his one man guitar set with a melancholic version of „Ooh hoo Yogi Löw“. Beautiful!
Listen here >>>> ooohooooyogi.mp3

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