A Quick Jump Into A Lake

Berlin is surrounded by lakes. Since I don’t have a car I depend on friends or public transport. Which is ok: today I discovered the Dämeritzsee in Erkner, only a three-quarters of an hour away from the city’s center by S-Bahn. Nothing special though, a bit muddy but not overcrowded at all.

The nice thing about it is that you feel miles and miles away from the city though Erkner still belongs to Berlin.
The lake is situated under the entry lane of the Schönefeld Airport so there are planes flying in quite close. I love planespotting (I spot and immediately feel connected to the wide wide miraculous world) and today it fitted nicely into the book that I was reading called “Brautflug (Bride Flight)” by Dutch novelist Marieke Van Der Pol.
There’s a long fascinating passage about emigrants taking a 50 hours flight in the fifties from the Netherlands to New Zealand (including 7 stops or so). Those times they faced turbulences I’d never have survived … god, I hate turbulences.
Can someone explain me that an airplane is not a sardine can in 30,000 feet height? That turbulences are as harmless as shattering peanuts? I think I must find a pilot in my life …

Anyway … they sold freshly harvested mirabelles at the service station. From the boss’s garden. A spark, a breeze from the countryside!

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