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Snow Swans Floating

The more I look at that … no … into that picture, I see those swans flying through the universe! Sucked into a black hole! Spit out by a swanhater! Bullshit, they were just lazily floating on the Berlin Landwehrkanal when I passed the bridge. Snow pouring from the deep black heavens.


All Important Is Abstract Except Eating

Happy Xmas and love for you all!


Leave Your Black Feelings At Home!

I found this today in my street!


Snow Crash Inspiration

Just around my corner! So many bars, so many galleries, so much going on … here’s a one day exhibition at The Forgotten Bar in Boppstrasse 5 in Berlin-Kreuzberg: paintings, drawings and photos by Peter Hock and Helga Geng, friends and neighbours. Moling through the manhigh magic snow, planets, bubbles and space themes in my mind, thinking about „Snow Crash“ and universe hopping … and then watching pictures … drinking red wine, talking with coincidence watchers. I love that. Be inspired!


Mingy Mistletoe

Ohhh so pathetic, there’s a mistletoe hanging in subway station Schönleinstrasse … a poor angel must have had pity with us freezing winter travelers and somehow managed to fix it onto the ceiling above the stairs: you look up, grin and feel a bit kissed. Just an enourmously mingily tiny little bit! Smack!


Picture Igloo

A little late … but here come some photos from my film stills exhibition!

I’m still somehow enchanted … and want to thank you all for ploughing your paths through the snow and coming! Especially of course my brother and my nephew who helped me so much!
All in all we broke 2 corkscrews, had hours of crazy and intelligent conversation, I sold 3 pictures (or not … they said they wanted but I haven’t heard from them until now …), showed some original super 8 films (which the stills were taken from) and it felt like gathering around a bonfire … in a winter igloo …

I wanna do it again!!!

[if you want to know more about my work, go visit www.24stelsekunde.de! Only in German language, sorry, English version coming soon!]

All photos © me / www.berndbrundert.de 😉


Fish Falling From Heaven

whatever that means …


Ice Buddha In The Snow And I’m Excited About Tomorrow …

Siberia! Ice flowers! Glimmering snow! From one day to another Berlin has totally changed, all is covered in snow and all is … slow.

Yesterday there was a great and warm and loud event at the Schokoladen: Khani showed her 2 Bands-On-Boats-Trailer and then: 2 bands: awesome Rubber Hair and punkfunky Sudaca Power. Hearts glowing here and there, wine flowing, snowballs throwing 😉

Aaaaand: tomorrow’s the day: my exhibition!
Spent half of the day hanging pictures, well, my brother actually did and I was jumping around …

Come and see!

Atelier Detel Aurand
Kreuzbergstr. 37/38
(U-Bahn Yorckstraße)