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Golden Mary Down Under

Once again I’m featuring one of my favourite bars in Berlin-Kreuzberg: The Goldmarie.
Recently I had some wine there, outside on the street, with Kitty, a wabi-sabi-film-friend.
Put my camera on the white wine glass, pointed up to the roof, the trees, the stars, 60 minutes!


Rosemary, Elderberry!

I’m working on my film processing experiences with edible stuff and tea …. this week is yummy rosemary and elderberry (Holunder, Germans!) week!
The results are quite amazing …
The recipe is: boil them, cool down to 22°, add 10g vitamine C, 50g washing soda (for 1/2 liter) and then bathe the film 30 – 40 minutes! Then water, then fix, just like regular black&white negative processing.


Soda Desaster

Oh-ha! The second workshop day was even funnier, joyfuller and more enthusiastic … we used coffee and vitamin c and soda for developing … but oh holy shit #2: again! Transparent film! Blank horror, heavy question marks in our brains.

So it was not the semi-sweet Bulgarian wine …. and very late, too late, we found out that we didn’t work with as supposed pure washing soda but a sort of hybrid baking/washing soda which most probably ruined the film 🙁

But in the end we have at least a very beautifully scratched and partly blackened orange-ish experimental film which looks great projected …



Yeeha, I’m in Sopot / Polska … at Artloop Festival, giving a super 8 workshop called „The Wine-Vodka-Coffee-Revolution“: developing black and white film using kitchen ingredients.

Yesterday we were quite unlucky …. probably the Bulgarian red wine was too strong or we moved the film a little too much and too long in its bucket – it came out overdeveloped meaning transparent 🙁

Today we’ll try our luck using coffee, vitamin C and soda.

Sunny summer at the Baltic Sea!!

Gofry w zelu! It’s a gigantic waffle with blueberry jam and cream!


Country Fun In Shit Village

Me and my lover we strolled through the countryside and what did we see? Dead farmers! Ooooh!
But they were just abandoned or decorative puppets …. in a little village called „Lamerden“ which comes pretty close to „La merde“ which is French and means „the shit“ … 😉