Hey Herman!

Me and my friends went out to have some drinks – now there’s a cool speciality, a quite new bar in the neighborhood: Herman! Schönhauser Allee 173.

They have hundreds of different beers, all Belgian! First thought that might come upon you: oh no, not that sweet cherry / strawberry / vanilla beer again *headache* – no no not true, I had a super caramel color, not sweet, tasty, „real“ beer called „Palm“, mmmh yummy …. they even serve some mysterious beer in champagne bottles!!

Bart, the charming owner, explored the world and landed in Berlin, he wears an interesting hairdo (somehow made me think of Napoleon) and answered to my question „why Herman?“ that he named the bar after his teacher. One of the good ones. Sports was it if I remember right. Not Herman Van Veen. Bah. Now he was Dutch, right?

Cheers and Prost everyone!

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