Fatimas Hand Drawing

My world is gigantic and so small, all at once … I have passed by … so often … now I entered with my brother and his girlfriend … Fatimas Hand: a quiet beautiful bar in my Kietz / surrounding … so funny: me, entering, ordering wine, asking wine questions, hectically, all at once, and the bar tender woman projected a sympathico question mark in my eyes saying sorrymygermanisstillgrowing and I was like (how I love this I-was-like! Really!) ha, cool, no problem, repeating it all in remarkably fresh english … whatever: the white wine is Chardonnay, ice cold, very good, I love that bar, I love that atmosphere and I adore the drawing on the wall made by young artist Son-Of-The-Owner: we giggled our spring-longing asses off about (about?) the lovely 2-legged horse and the „Hodenschleudermann (untranslatable)“, heehee, keep on rockin‘!!