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Barbie, It’s Spring!


Days Like This

There are days like this. Magic in a way. Let me try to explain. The sky opens and the sun sweeps all winter lints away. Suddenly you see clear: dirt, poisonous souls, capitalist patterns, squeaky brakes … and all I can say is that I want to play another game. I mean no game. I rely on my network. Close doors, open windows. Stay tuned!


Across The Universe

Another 9 hour working day and I rode my bike to the Sparkasse at Kottbusser Tor to get me some pizza money and then when I left there was a gentle man who opened the door for me and I gave him some cents and then there was a bunch of young bearded men turning up looking ambitious and hipsterish-soft carrying coffee Thermoskannen and cups with them asking the homeless (I guess) person if he wanted a fresh coffee and he nodded and I nodded too because at that very moment I perfectly knew what it’s all about.