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The Last Wasps

Hey wasps, come here, gather around my marmelade! Strawberry! Yummy! Celebrate these last days of summer with me!



One hot summer day at Müggelsee. Berlin – Friedrichshagen – Tram 61 to „Licht- und Luftbad Müggelsee“ – Licht und Luft – Light and Air! Ducks come close, water is medium cool – I love it. A tiny little feeling of very late summer appeared and made me feel just a little … blue. Lake blue. Sky blue.


Yumyum Film Developing Recipes

All my developing recipes (for black & white negative processing) are online now! Nicely knit in a wordpress site!
Have a look! Yumyumsoups!


Because The Night …

… belongs to Patti!
Wow, that was one of the best concerts ever in my life, I’m still sweaty smelly and glowing, Patti Smith @ Tempodrom in Berlin, the Horses Concert. She’s so cool, I wanna be like her when I’m old, oops, I’m close before, she’s not that much older, wearing her rock’n’roll gray hair like a timeless angel, smiling about 15 times towards us, the loving audience. Power galore and all these horses songs that catapult me back when I was still at school and sweaty and smelly and in love with the wrong guy and dancing my barefoot feet away in Halle / Westfalen.
Sorry for the bad iPhone picture (3gs), Patti beams that much! I love her for her music, her power, her beauty, her lyrics, her yelling out messages. Multiplying earth and life love, I hope.


Solarisation Miracle

I shot some colour film cassettes for my 2015 „Ode To June“ film and developed them myself. Colour reversal in E6. Something must have happened with the last cassettes, the chemicals became weird? Was it too tropical outside? Did I shake the film too little while it was bathing in its colour developer?
Anyway … I got something that you can never get if you want to have it like that on purpose … the film solarised. The result is 2 minutes of the most beautiful bizarre dreamy images I ever shot!


Silent Butterfly Kisses In The Green

There is a new venue in Berlin. In Berlin-Wedding. A former crematorium. Sounds spooky but is not at all. Silent Green. The official opening will be in autumn this year, but the unofficial has just taken place: music and films and wine and dance and a beautiful summer night! Good souls lingering! Me showing films (here you see a super 8 projection of „Butterfly kisses“. And a wonderful slide installation all around!

Photo © Tom Grenz